Afrodance class: rhythm and roots only!

Afrodance class: rhythm and roots only!

Afrodance is a dance style that combines traditional African dance movements with contemporary dance styles such as hip-hop and dancehall. It is characterized by its energetic and fluid movements, and its focus on rhythm and musicality. Afrodance draws inspiration from various African dance styles, including West African, Congolese, and South African, and incorporates elements such as footwork, body isolations, and polyrhythmic movements.

About The Instructor


A half-Vietnamese and a half-Comorian (Afro-Asian), Anisha was born and raised in Paris and is now based in Hong Kong as an Artist. Content creator, Choreographer, Dancer, Model, Singer, the multifaceted talent arrived in HK as Civil Engineer in 2016. She quit her job after winning a TV Dance Competition in HK in 2021. She is now a spoke-person for Diversity and African culture in Asia. She has been chosen as the face of influent brands names (Lululemon, Fenty Beauty, Apple...) . She is also seen as an Ambassador of Excellence and Diversity through her positive influence and her aim to merge cultures (Chinese, French, African) by celebrating them.