Be Athletic with AQ Strong

Be Athletic with AQ Strong

In this quick pace athletic class, participants will get a taste of interactive Strength & Conditioning training, with 5 major elements including Mobility, Power, Agility, Strength and Energy System Training. It is designed with regression to suits participants of all fitness levels, with a lot of fun. Everyone can be athletic regardless of their starting point!

About The Instructor

Ivan Ku

Ivan is a passionate and ever-learning coach and movement therapist. He has been hyper active all through his youth and competed in multiple sports at the same time. He got introduced to collegiate triathlon while getting his criminology degree, and was inspired to compete in the Ironman triathlon. In the exciting journey of training and competing, he adapted the mindset of believing anything is possible, and began spreading it among his circles and eventually to his clients. Ivan likes to host events and meet new people, and chosen as the lululemon ambassador this year is a perfect way to bring people together and have fun. After spending three years in the industry and six years coaching track and field, he has been focusing his effort on helping people move better and pain free. He combines performance training with more anatomical focus, constantly educating his clients about their body which they all enjoy. Ivan has been training the Hong Kong Shuttlecock National Team for the World Championship in Paris. He is also preparing a series of projects with his partners to promote strength and conditioning in Hong Kong including a large-scale training facility, in a collective effort to elevate the health and wellness industry in Hong Kong.