Breathe in Flow

Breathe in Flow

Learn how to breathe better, combine it with yoga postures to build strength and flexibility to feel 100% awesome. Everyone is welcomed.

About The Instructor

Tee Nan & Edward Hans Müller

Coming from a yoga family in Thailand with a background in science and education, Tee is a community leader with unique skill sets in Hong Kong. Beyond impressive asanas, he is known for his teaching style, energising practices and effective drills. Tee always aims to transfer useful skills and improve well-being through yoga and meditation. Best known for being the spin instructor at XYZ, Ed has broaden his practice to yoga and mobility. His ethos is all about creating balance and sustainability in the long run. After completing his inversion yoga training with Master Yogananth Andiappan and advanced training with Vinyasa specialist Patrick Beach, Ed's practice has evolved and matured. His daily practice is consistent and inspiring, aimed to create space, build strength and feel great!