Dharma Yoga

Dharma Yoga

This is a practice that features Sri Dharma Mittra’s Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa series. This meditative yet challenging sequence of yoga thoroughly covers movements of the spine, with a focus on good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. A purifying Deep Healing Relaxation and various breathing practice will also be introduced with an integration of the profound sacred teachings of the Ethical Rules (Yama), and the Yogic Observance (Niyama). Throughout the Practice, we are encouraged to go within, and to go deeper into our practice in a meditative and spiritual way. All is within.

About The Instructor

Delia Leung + Janet Tse

"Delia is a Dharma Yoga teacher, and is a Nike Yoga Trainer and Representative. She is also the founder of One O Eight, and co-founder of MDFL MVMT, a platform promoting mindfulness practice in Hong Kong. Delia has completed her 1000-hr teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra at the Dharma Yoga Center NYC and has completed 200-hr with Samrat Dasgupta in HK. She has also completed 100-hr advanced training in Pranayama (Yogic Breathwork) with Dr. Paul Dallaghan. Delia has been a returning guest teacher in numerous International Yoga Conferences, Buddhist monasteries and was featured in Yoga Journal magazine and its workshops. She also acts as a motivational speaker relating mindfulness, meditation and yoga for institutions, foundations and NGOs. Delia gained her BSc Psychology at University College London, and earned her Master of Buddhist Studies degree at The University of Hong Kong. She has an investment banking background prior to yoga teaching. ************ Janet is a Dharma Yoga teacher and a Nike Yoga Trainer. As a yoga instructor, model, and super active marathon runner/ triathlete, and dedicated yoga student, her schedule is always packed with work and trainings. Yoga helps her find balance in life, re-center herself and stay grounded. It is also the benefits of yoga that nourish her passion to teach and share. Through continuous practice and learning, she looks forward to growing together with her students."