Fatburn + Abs Blaze

Fatburn + Abs Blaze

Class (50 minutes) is divided into two parts. First part is MAXIMUM INTENSITY  TRAINING (cardio) for only 20 minutes but different from other HIIT classes as you are encouraged to rest when you hit your max, rather than relying on a timer – so it’s personalized for your own capacity and no pressure to finish any seconds.

Second part is ABS/CORE (25 minutes) part that will guarantee to give you a stronger core, and shape your abdominals. 

About The Instructor

Trixie & Leo velez

Power fitness couple Trixie and Leo Velez is the founder of Hong Kong's favorite Pilates and Fitness studio, Defin8 Fitness. Veterans of the fitness industry with nearly 30 years of experience between them, and also multi-awarded Fitness trainers, have a wide variety of specialties - ranging from dance, pilates, and strength and focus on moving with purpose with the community. Not your regular HIIT class! Proven tested and backed by science,full body workout that is guaranteed to burn fat up to 48 hours after the class.