Feel Good Yin Yang Flow

Feel Good Yin Yang Flow

This 60-min Feel Good Yin Yang Flow is to check in with your breath, move your whole body and bring you love and positivity! The practice assists you in developing both stability and flexibility – we will start the class in the “Yang” way by warming up the body with the sun salutation flow and different standing postures to boost your energy and build muscle strength. The second part of the class is in the “Yin” way, focusing on gentle stretches for deep relaxation. Join this session to cultivate an abundance of peace within!

About The Instructor

Wing Yu

"Wing Yu was inspired by yoga practice in 2013 when she first started yoga to alleviate the back pain caused by scoliosis, and she has been teaching yoga since 2015. Her teaching motto is to “Create Your Own Sunshine” – she believes good vibes come when you maintain a good state of mind. Her class combines dynamic movements and relaxing stretching/breathing exercises – warming your body and calming your soul. Come practice with Wing and let's explore the beauty of yoga together! "