Get your Splits

Get your Splits

In this class, you are expected to have fun time in enhancing your flexibility and range of motion in the area of hips and legs.

No matter you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, options and variations of splits are provided.

Come and practice different drills in hip opening with Sandy!

About The Instructor

Sandy To

Sandy is an enthusiastic yoga teacher with great passion to yoga cultivated since age of 15. She was chosen to be the Nike Yoga Trainer from 2017-2021 and currently one of the Sweaty Betty Ambassadors. Sandy experienced 4 International Yoga Championships throughout the years and became a yoga instructor who has strong belief in the well-being of yoga and its serenity in mind. In 2021, Sandy founded her yoga studio ‘Yoga Ground’ with a vision of building a yoga community that gather students who are passionate in yoga and practice together in a comfy studio. Let’s join Sandy’s class!