Inside Flow

Inside Flow

Inside Flow marries music with movement, integrating yoga and dance. In this class, movement is synced to the beat of the music and the rhythm carries the flow of the class. You will flow to curated sequences set to slow, fast, and upbeat songs selected from genres ranging from electro-pop to hip hop to pop! Feel your body groove to the music, let go, and flow.

About The Instructor

Billi Lee

In 2016, Billi took her first step onto a yoga mat for a hot yoga class. She was amazed at the amount of sweat pouring out of her body and the incredible feeling she had at the end of the class. Practising yoga not only helped her build a healthy body and mind, but it also brought balance into her life and gave her the time and space to learn more about her inner self. Over time, Billi continued to practice and learn different styles of yoga. In 2020, she met Rebecca and discovered Inside Flow. She fell in love with this style which combines music as a tool to move in a flow state, also known as meditation in motion. Inside Flow speaks directly to your soul and Billi continues to practice and explore this style of yoga.