Mindful Hatha Flow

Mindful Hatha Flow

A union of hatha yoga and meditation, this session embraces both static and dynamic poses — an insightful practice interweaving mindfulness with bodily movements and the breath. The experience is primarily one of fluidity and motion, while strategic pauses allow for moments of deeper connection with the inner self.

Suitable for participants who enjoy both yoga and meditation practices and are looking for a mind-and-body recharge, rejuvenation, and reset.

About The Instructor

Simon Hui

Simon Hui was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Nigeria, graduated from an Ivy League university in the USA, learned yoga in India, and was once ordained as a Buddhist monk in Myanmar. He is also the founder of Mindful Studio HK which aims to enhance clients’ physical and mental well-being through activities like yoga, meditation, and sound therapy. Simon believes “health is wealth” and “inner peace is the new success.”