Piloxing Knockout

Piloxing Knockout

PILOXING Knockout is a fusion of BOXING and PILATES and is influenced by plyometrics, sports conditioning drills and functional training. In this high-intensity, functional core-centric workout, your endurance and physical abilities will be pushed to the limit with an aim of increasing your fitness level, boosting your confidence and strength, breaking boundaries, and hitting levels you didn’t know your body could reach.

All exercises will have modifications to suit everyone of all fitness levels. A unique workout like no other. Experience a sense of both physical and mental balance through the integration of the two disciplines.

About The Instructor

Andrew Dino

Professional dance performer turned Fitness Instructor. With 13 years’ experience in professional dance, Andrew Stephen Diño is trained in multiple styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary and commercial – having performed, competed and worked worldwide in places like the United States, Europe, Polynesia and Asia. Passionate about helping people realise their true physical potential and finding new, exciting ways to meet their fitness goals, Andrew has expanded his arsenal of knowledge and skills over the years to not only teach dance fitness but also various innovative programs to encourage movement, vitality and performance. He is the Master Trainer of Piloxing Knockout / Piloxing SSP and The Mix By Piloxing in Hong Kong China, and also is one of only six Spartan SGX trainers located in Hong Kong (as listed on the official Spartan Race Coach Finder), and holds group trainings for students of all levels at XP Fitness Hub.