Prana Focused (Foundation)

Prana Focused (Foundation)

An all level fun class with Prana Yoga’s founder and senior yoga teacher of Hong Kong ! This class is challenging yet accessible to practitioners of all level including beginners. Students can expect a focused flow with intention to get centred and exhilarated leaving the mat with a sense of accomplishment, joy and calmness.

About The Instructor

Samrat Dasgupta

Samrat has dedicated his life to the study and practice of yoga, and he is renowned for his clear, precise, and methodical teaching style that incorporates the biomechanics of the body. With his extensive knowledge, inquisitive nature, and open-hearted approach, Samrat guides his students towards the integration of deeper consciousness. He paves the path for practitioners to nurture their physical and spiritual well-being, leading many of them to become successful yoga teachers around the world. In addition to teaching, Samrat conducts teacher trainings, workshops, yoga conferences, and retreats globally. His teachings prioritize a holistic practice that gives equal importance to each element of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Alignment and a steady connection to the breath are central to Samrat's approach, fostering a calm and clear mind along with conscious actions both on and off the yoga mat. His classes are accessible to individuals of all body types, ages, and interests.