This is a 45 minutes spin class suitable for all levels. While riding to uplifting and groovy music, there will be some upper body movements and choreography to be added on. Yet, it is completely optional since we encourage participants to focus on riding to the beat of the music. A fun cardio session and good sweat can be expected.

About The Instructor

Agnes Ng

Agnes started spinning many years ago and was completely hooked on it since then. After graduating from college last year, I joined Renation as a part-time spinning instructor. Growing up in Hong Kong, I have been receiving ballet and athletics training for many years. I love staying active and trying out different kinds of sports. Until I developed an interest in the bike, the spinning room has become my favorite. Spinning is not only an exercise to me, it is also my kind of stress relief and mood-booster. I would love to spread the love and positivity that I have gained to the community and share the joy with those who come to my class.