Sculpther – Upper and Lower Body SCULPTHER

Sculpther – Upper and Lower Body SCULPTHER

SCULPTHER is an isolated hypertrophy workout that stimulates and stresses the target muscle and uses variables like movement tempo, angles and range of motion – to give you pinpoint accuracy in building firm, defined, legs & arms.

This class is designed for all levels.

About The Instructor

Stephanie Poelman (NTC Sponsored)

Stephanie is originally from USA and has been strength training for more than 14 years. She came to HK in 2017 to work as MD for Pherform and then transitioned to Owner in 2021. Prior to HK she successful managed and operated over 9 multi-disciplinary fitness facilities in the Middle East. She's been working with female specific gyms for 10 years and believes in the power group strength training can have on a Women's physical and mental well being.