The Power of Backbend

The Power of Backbend

The power of backbend lies in our heart. In this class, we’ll activate our heart chakra to learn how to bring more calmness and awareness in our backbend practice. In this 60-min flow class, we will work on conditioning movement for the back to build up the right foundations for deeper backbends. This practice is perfect for all levels especially if you experience fear in backbends and it will leave you a joyful opening for the body, mind and soul.

About The Instructor

Vivian Cheng

Vivian first discovered yoga in 2014 where she suffered from insomnia. She practised basic postures through an app every evening and it magically healed her sleeping disorder. The therapeutic aspects of yoga inspired her to deepen her practice in formal trainings with various great teachers around the world. To her, yoga is the medicine of life. It is a lifetime practice that is beyond the mat. She feels empowered by the kindness shared in the yoga community which gave her the motivation to give back by spreading knowledge. She is now offering classes in Pure yoga. In her class, she integrates yoga philosophy with a strong focus on cultivating love and kindness.