T.F.L. (Train for Life)

T.F.L. (Train for Life)

The Train For Life programme is a 45 minute total body workout that focuses on the movements we use most in our daily lives, to enable our bodies to thrive. We combine the sweet spot of FUN, world class coaching, and smart programming into a group session that will leave you feeling physically and mentally better off than when you arrived. We get strong, get sweaty, train our breathe, and move well all with good vibes.

About The Instructor

Lotte Thompson

Lotte is an individual, online and group class coach at Coastal Fitness HK. Having created the TFL (Train for Life) programme. Lotte believes that movement is a form of self expression - it provides a natural connection between the mind, body and soul that allows us to navigate our journey of life. Understanding that everyone is on their own season of life drives Lotte’s passion to impact, educate and motivate Hong Kong, and a wider global community, of what it means to live a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life. She believes that Health and Fitness is more than just movement and sweat, it is an opportunity for us to constantly pursuit to be better, stronger and live life to the best of our abilities!