Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice – The class starts with warm up to release physical and mental tension before moving into a faster paced Yang sequencing to incorporate power, strength and stability then will end the class with a Yin session.

It brings together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures.

About The Instructor

Agnes Chan & Faris Chan

Agnes & Faris were always a sports enthusiast from a young age, having been athletic and active in different kinds of sports especially in track & field. They started practising yoga in 2014 to incorporate a stretching and conditioning component into our workout plan.We were mesmerised by how yoga brought our mind of wondering to one of peace after trying our first yoga class. Since then, their studies and practices in this ancient discipline have led us to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.