Our one of a kind Dance Fitness class is an incredibly fun way to get a good burn and sweat on. Warm up, condition the body like a dancer and repeat multiple, easy to access dance moves and combinations to

Funky dance is a style of dance that is characterized by its energetic and upbeat movements, often set to funk, hip-hop, or electronic music. Funky dance is known for its focus on rhythm and musicality, and dancers often use intricate

The class is about Hip Hop/street dance. Students learn how to use the body , with bounce , groove, isolations together with the fundamentals of Hip hop. Though Hip Hop dance , students understand the possibilities of using the body

They will learn a street dance style called “Waacking” which is inspired by 70s - 80s disco music. It’s about the freedom to express your energy through the movements of your arms, also your emotions through poses and various techniques.

Zumba is a dance fitness class based on Latin American music. Zumba is for everyone whether you are a professional dancer or a beginner. The most important is for you to follow along in your style, trust yourself, enjoy and have

This class is suitable for anyone looking for a fun cardio, strengthening workout! Piloxing is a wonderful fusion of exercise that combines Pilates, boxing and dance. This high-energy interval workout involves heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations, sculpting and lengthening Pilates-influenced movements

Inside Flow marries music with movement, integrating yoga and dance. In this class, movement is synced to the beat of the music and the rhythm carries the flow of the class. You will flow to curated sequences set to slow,

A new style of teaching dance fitness. A combination of entertainment, audience participation and dance cardio all in 1 session by Hong Kong’s leading dance fitness instructors. Suitable for all fitness levels who are willing to dive in to this