Animal Flow is a multi-planar, integrated workout that mixes animal-inspired ground-based movement with several bodyweight training techniques. With influences from parkour and dance, expect a fun, interactive way to challenge your mobility while strengthening coordination, flexibility, power, and muscle endurance.

Wilson and Vincent both are active in the fitness field, whether it’s arm wrestling or dance. As fight choreography enthusiasts, they will mix martial art movements in HIIT format which promises you sweat, power pump and hype! Getting ready to

Mindfulness Yin Yang is a unique practice that engages specific muscles in yin yoga stretches to cultivate safe and effective stretching to the deeper connective tissues. Focus is placed on exploring each pose with inner awareness and non-judgement of

Yoga for core strength is a yoga class that trains core strength through different yoga styles, focusing more on strength and balance. It can strengthen the core muscles and mainly aim at improving body shape and balance.

Other than enjoying some quality me time, each of the sessions will include a discussion on the integration of breathwork in modern life. You’ll learn proven techniques on how to: Control stress more effectively Optimise your breathing Increase mental and physical performance Tap into

A flow that works on the whole body suitable for all ages. Most importantly feeling your body, moving to music, no overthinking just fun movement allowing freedom fluidity & grace in your flow.

In this quick pace athletic class, participants will get a taste of interactive Strength & Conditioning training, with 5 major elements including Mobility, Power, Agility, Strength and Energy System Training. It is designed with regression to suits participants of all

Vinyasa yoga is a popular style of yoga that involves flowing movements and synchronized breath. It is a dynamic practice that links poses together in a continuous sequence, often referred to as a "flow." Vinyasa yoga classes typically start with