This is a practice that features Sri Dharma Mittra’s Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa series. This meditative yet challenging sequence of yoga thoroughly covers movements of the spine, with a focus on good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. A

A dynamic moving type of practice focusing on stimulating the digestive system with the purpose of aiding the detoxification of the body. Students will experience flowing linked sequences of poses including twists, bends and stretches that can help massage

Energetic and animalistic flow inspired by the wild forest. Be prepared for the ups and downs, striking poses, silence attacks. Expect surprises unlike your nomal yoga class. You will be a warrior who savour the salty sweat and navigate movements

A union of hatha yoga and meditation, this session embraces both static and dynamic poses -- an insightful practice interweaving mindfulness with bodily movements and the breath. The experience is primarily one of fluidity and motion, while strategic pauses allow

Find your flow and elevate your practice with a high energy vinyasa practice taught by Jessica paired with live beats by DJ Don Octavius. Expect to be guided through an energizing, alignment-based flow with a generous serving of fun tracks

Go with the flow- A vinyasa practice for all levels, using your breath to smoothly transition between asanas. Mindfulness- is a focused non-judgemental awareness of each movement to practice being present in the NOW and to create awareness of your breath.

Yoga is about skilful action. This class combines skills from detailed and intelligent alignment language and artful dynamic experience as students move within their body. Students will experience the opportunity to engage in alignment in poses but still experience a

Turn traditional Vinyasa into a strong, sweaty, and fun practice! Stack postures to build rhythm while linking breath and movement to build internal heat as you become stronger and more open. Progressions are given for all levels to enjoy. By