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Hong Kong

HYROX is expanding to the Asia Pacific for the first time and will make its debut appearance in Hong Kong! Held within the Fitness & Wellness Expo | Hong Kong, the first Hong Kong HYROX will be surrounded by energetic, motivated and passionate like-minded people and personalities. Whether this is your first HYROX or you have competed in other countries, this is a competition for every Body. The HYROX combination of running and functional fitness invites athletes of all types to join the HYROX family at the AsiaWorld-Expo. Sign up today with your friends, family and partners so no one misses out.


HYROX offers all fitness participants a goal – a real competition for Every Body. HYROX is a worldwide event series with continental and global championships encompassing thousands of participants. These participants exercise regularly with the HYROX-combination of running and functional training, either on outdoor running tracks or in gyms. Welcome to a NEW SPORT.


HYROX wants to get people fit at any age and support a healthy, preventive and active lifestyle. We encourage people with different backgrounds to create a community that is inspired by fitness and activity. HYROX gives its participants a measurable competition against all other participants and unites them within the HYSOCIETY. HYROX inspires people to enhance their lifestyle and do better.