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Instructors and Speakers of The 3rd Edition of Hong Kong Fitness + Wellness Expo

To understand how TCM see women’s health and the importance of a healthy menstrual cycle which can help to a women to prepare a fertile body constitution and maintain their youthfulness. I will also talk about the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture and how can it help us to retain youthfulness

Healthy tips, food therapy, acupuncture points demonstration etc.

Be inspired and challenged through Denise's sharing on overcoming stage 4 cancer - twice. As you listen to her journey, discover and explore your own pathway to health and resilience. Target audience- everyone that wants to be inspired

Adriana loves sharing her passion about yoga with others. She believes that yoga is not only about being able to do advanced poses but rather getting on your mat, reconnecting with your self, and finding that stillness in your mind.

Alvin founded Flipz Studio which provide gymnastics and Acrodance training to kids and adults. He had started artistic gymnastics training since 6 years old, and became HK Artistic Gymnastics Team members during 1995-2000. He captured all champions in HK International and HK Gymnastics Open Competition. He is also FIG Qualified International Gymnastics Coach and judge. // Tania has started proper training in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet when she was young. She was in Hong Kong Rhythmic Gymnastics Team during 2004-2010, and was Hong Kong All-around Champion in 2007/2008 HK Rhythmic Gymnastics competition. She also represented Hong Kong team participating various International Competition. Tania is a qualified Rhythmic Gymnastics Judge, as well as qualified judge and coach of Aesthetic Gymnastics Group.

Asa was fascinated by the body's movement and connected to the mind and soul. By immersing herself into yoga for understanding more about the great importance of the foundation of every postures and transitions. Not only does she enjoy putting yoga practice into dancing but also passionate teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga with people. With the knowledge on anatomy and alignment, offering the right drills to students on different body structure. Asa also would like to witness every student’s growth according to their own pace. To accept and appreciate the bodies and minds, and happy to see more people to explore more possibilities about themselves. Be prepared to sweat, stretch and most importantly to have fun! Let’s meet Asa on the mat!

DFJ team consists of professional individuals who aim to share the gift of passion and movement to anyone who wants to change their lives through music and dance. Our group brings a wealth of skill and experience in teaching and dance techniques. The whole DFJ team has been teaching and dancing professionally with over 15 years of experience. As DFJ leaders, Bill and Faye continue to teach and share their passion, skill, and knowledge in their studio dance classes. Bill and Faye as energetic motivational teachers in the dance room, inspire students and challenge them to improve their dancing so they can exceed their boundaries.

Overview We will discuss the importance of proper nutrition in keeping your energy levels stable, and how you can use food to beat the fatigue. We will share the western and traditional Chinese medicine approach to support our energy levels, and which foods to include in your diet to keep you energised throughout your day. Who is the target audience Anyone who constantly feels tired, struggling to get through their work day without having a coffee, and wants to learn how they can change their diet to ensure steady energy levels. Format We will answer common questions around boosting energy and discuss our answers. Vera will give the western nutrition approach and Elizabeth will share the TCM approach.

Adriana loves sharing her passion about yoga with others. She believes that yoga is not only about being able to do advanced poses but rather getting on your mat, reconnecting with your self, and finding that stillness in your mind.

Delia Leung is a Dharma Yoga teacher, Nike Yoga Trainer/Representative, creator of Yoga Studio One O Eight HK, and MindfulMovementHK—a mindfulness practice platform in Hong Kong. With 16 years of extensive practice as a ballerina, Delia has studied and received teacher trainings from esteemed individuals such as Sri Dharma Mittra (1000hrs), Sri Andrei Ram (200hrs), and Dr. Paul Dallaghan (Advanced Pranayama 100hrs). She has been a guest teacher at international yoga conferences, including the Barcelona Yoga Conference, and has led yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops worldwide. Delia holds a BSc in Psychology from University College London and a Master of Buddhist Studies degree from The University of HK. Her greatest motivation is witnessing the physical, mental, and spiritual transformations of her students, and she warmly invites everyone to join her on the mat with an open heart and mind. // Vicky, Pure Yoga Instructor, surfer, and former junior competitive swimmer, discovered yoga's power in enhancing athletic performance and overall wellbeing during her marathon/triathlon training in 2014. Guided by many teachers, she adopted an intuitive, holistic approach to teaching. Vicky's inclusive, dynamic, and fun classes encourage students to explore their limits and cater to individual needs, aiming to increase mobility, strength, and inner peace.

Melody started her yoga journey in 2014 to rehabilitate a back injury and to balance her hectic corporate work life. Since then she has experienced not only a physical transformation, but also a gain in mental strength and overall wellness.  The yearning for knowledge led to her first yoga teacher training in 2015, followed by advance teacher training with Jason Crandell, as well as further studies including Yin Yoga, Mindful Birth, meditation and singing bowl sound therapy. Believing yoga is for everyone, Melody aspires to share an accessible and compassionate practice that respects differences and limitations. She hopes to influence more people to enjoy the benefits of yoga and to cultivate inner peace. // Dominic is an all rounded and well known Group Fitness & Personal Trainer with more than 20 years experience conducting one on one and small groups training for most of the upscales studios and gyms in HongKong. The NIKE sponsored Master Trainer, Les Mills BodyPump Presenter & RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher adept in creating a fun, effective and creative training environment in which his clients of all ages can successfully achieve their fitness goals. With nearly 10,000 hours of yoga teaching, Victor has run over 100 yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, and presented in prominent yoga conferences in over 20 cities in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Thailand, India, Spain and New Zealand, Japan and India, specializing in inversions, arm balances and core strengthening, taught in a scientific and safe manner. His love for inversions and their effect on strengthening one’s mind and body led him to create Empowered Flow, a vinyasa based practice that challenges and empowers its practitioners by learning how to go upside down, breathe and face their fear.

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Face yoga offers numerous benefits for releasing everyday tensions and promoting overall well-being. It not only helps to maintain a healthy face but also brings positive energy to the head and mind. By addressing the impact of emotions on our facial expressions, it raises awareness about the importance of caring for the muscles and fascia in our faces, just as we do for our lower body. Embrace the power of face yoga and unlock a healthier, more radiant you.

From the topic "Wellness Entrepreneurs - Our Journey Told," users can gain valuable insights into wellness entrepreneurship. They will learn about the personal experiences, challenges, and successes of entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. Everyone on the panel has a wellness business offering a range of services and products. This narrative journey can provide inspiration, knowledge, and motivation for those looking to start their wellness-focused businesses. It shows the dedication and determination required to thrive in this ever-evolving sector.

Hersha Chellaram is an award-winning yoga therapist, teacher trainer, and non-profit leader, pioneering inclusivity and wellbeing in Hong Kong. She has over 20 years experience teaching yoga to a wide range of ages and abilities, in both studio and community settings. She is the founder and Executive Director of YAMA Foundation, a charity that makes yoga, art, and meditation accessible to Hong Kong’s most vulnerable communities. Under Hersha’s leadership, YAMA was awarded Accessible Yoga Organisation of the Year 2020. She also runs Hersha Yoga School of Teacher Training, offering classes, professional development and teacher trainings in Asia, Europe and the US, at education and healthcare settings, as well as studios, centres and global conferences. Her expertise is simple: making yoga accessible and inclusive to people with limited mobility, disability, special needs and chronic illness. Her approach is trauma-informed and culturally sensitive to be inclusive to people of diverse backgrounds and needs. Hersha advocates for disability rights, equality and equity in wellbeing spaces, and recently starred in three-time Emmy nominated show Oddbods in their Busy Bodies children’s wellbeing series. Honours and awards include: Liv Magazine’s 100 Women of Wellness: Change Maker 2021, 20 Yoga Teachers of Colour to Watch in 2020, and the 2014 Women of Hope Award: Children’s Advocate. (hershayoga.com / yamahk.org)

I Hitesh Amarnani, Founder and Director of World Dance Company HK, am a professionally trained and certified Instructor in 15+ dance forms and has hands on experience of 24 years in spreading the dance and fitness education in India, Bangkok, Shenzhen and now Hong Kong. With 6 locations across Hong Kong and a strength of 100 + students from 2.5 years old and above, we run regular dance classes catering different age groups from many communities. “BollyFit” a dance fitness course, introduced by us has been beneficial to many in terms of calorie burn, stamina increase and improvement in movement coordination. Inspired by Bounce Dance Fit Program (UK), Bollyfit is a fantastic fusion of Dance and fitness BOLLYFIT: A thematic 60-minute dance fitness workout that alternates between higher and lower intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating whilst keeping you energized all the time.

Attendees can expect a full product function brief, witness the AI in action, take a closer look at the reports generated, and engage in conversation with experienced operators who have been applying new technology in their businesses. 2 lucky members of the audience can have their posture assessed on stage!

During the panel discussion & product demonstration, the audience will learn 'why do we experience muscle pain' and 'how can release the muscle pain by themselves'. We will also teach the audience an ongoing protocol helping them to avoid the relapse of their muscle pain. Our target audience would be: office workers, or people who work long hours in repetitive motions; frequent exercisers, who trains frequently or heavily; people who are currently experiencing muscle pain for various reasons We will invite audience onto the stage to share their pain points and coach them how to release their pain right on the spot by themselves, so whenever the pain comes back next time, they will be able to handle the release of the pain themselves. The panel will be hosted between Lucia Tam and Jessie Li

In this fireside chat, our CMO, Dietitian and Head of Fitness will delve into the most talked about weight loss programs. They will also talk about fad diets, what works, what doesn't, and what you should stay away from. The experts will guide you through how some diets may work temporarily but may cause long term health issues when not careful when going too extreme with weight loss.

Khiran Huston, Les Mills global ambassador, is known as the face of LES MILLS SPRINT™, as well as being a regular presenter on BODYPUMP™, LES MILLS TONE™ and LES MILLS GRIT™. She is a role model and she is good at motivating members. She always try her best to connect as many participants as possible in her class. Members are definitely encouraged and therefore performing the best during workouts, getting physical results and finding internal motivation.

Yoga has become one of the most popular workouts in the modern world. The yoga we take now is different from earlier times. Its essence and truthful value gradually faded and were forgotten. Lisa is determined to pass on her knowledge, learning, and benefits from yoga to students after years of teaching. She wants them to know that yoga is not about body image and performance but a tool for personal transformation. Allow yoga to enhance life quality and teach us how to live and love through yoga asana, meditation, life philosophy, self-inquiry, and discussion. The light within is then unveiled and shines via our words, thoughts, love, kindness, and actions, creating a ripple effect in the yoga community and even expanding further to the world.

It is natural and normal for female hormone levels to fluctuate during one's lifetime. From birth to puberty, to pregnancy, menopause and more! In this Panel, Maya, Lisa and Beth will discus how we can lean on our Nutrition and lifestyle to better support ourselves across our lifespan.

Master Yogananth Andiappan – a renowned name in the world of yoga. With over 25 years of teaching experience and a deep-rooted passion for the practice, Master Yogananth is a highly respected yoga master and teacher. From a young age of 2, he began his yoga journey under the guidance of his father, the legendary yoga guru, Dr. Asana Andiappan. Today, he continues to embrace and share the ancient wisdom passed down through generations. Master Yogananth's expertise extends across various styles of yoga, including Hatha, Ashtanga, and therapeutic yoga. His classes not only focus on teaching traditional yoga asanas but also impart comprehensive knowledge of yoga anatomy, alignment, and philosophy. With a compassionate and nurturing approach, he empowers students to unleash their full potential on and off the mat. Through his transformative workshops and training programs conducted worldwide, countless individuals have been inspired to embrace the practice of yoga.

The three women are a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, and a corporate leader. This fireside chat is for them to tell their stories about the difficulties they're facing, their goals, and how they see themselves at their current stage in different aspects of life. By understanding and nurturing our physical health, fostering personal and professional growth, and cultivating our spiritual well-being, we can unlock our full potential and lead fulfilling lives. This chat serves as a starting point for exploring the challenges and opportunities ahead, empowering individuals to navigate these critical decades with confidence and purpose.

Rebecca likes to play seriously. With a background in dance and yoga, Rebecca has always been passionate about movement and human connection. Always inclusive when in the classroom, she loves to share ways to connect through the power of movement and music. Rebecca’s yoga journey began in 2006 when she discovered yoga as an alternate movement to dance. To her, movement in yoga is a universally shared language that could be used for expression, connection, and self discovery. With her passion and love for music and dance, Rebecca often encourages her students to flow with music, and to have their breath and movement guided by rhythm and beat. She’s been teaching Inside Flow since 2019 and was the first to bring Inside Flow, a type of movement style that marries music, yoga, and dance to Hong Kong. During her off peak hours, Rebecca loves to make pies, hike mountains, and watch movies at home with her cats. She is a lululemon legacy ambassador and a lover of 90s R&B music.

Rex graduated from HKAPA with a bachelor degree major in Chinese Dance and master degree in choreography (awardee of HKAPA Local Scholarship (Post-graduate)). He joined DanceArt HK as full time dancer after bachelor graduation. Currently, he works as a part-time teacher in HKAPA, free-lance dance artist and choreographer, Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates tutor. // He started to learn Tai Chi & Choy Li Fut since the age of 10, and he has been awarded with champion in Traditional Wushu and TaiChi. He also acquired the certificate of Chinese WuShu Duan Wei System - Level 3. // During past years, he presented numerous choreography works, and his masterpiece "Solitary" was awarded of Outstanding Small Venue Production in 2018 Hong Kong Dance Awards. // Besides, Rex actively involves in cultural arts exchange programs, and conducted master class in World Dance Alliance Global Summit in Canada and contemporary Chinese Dance workshop for Scottish Ballet, be part of the visiting artists in PAMS (Performance Arts Market - Seoul) sponsored by HKADC.

Piloxing is a wonderful fusion of exercise that combines Pilates, Boxing and Dance. This high energy interval workout involves heart pumping, powerful boxing combinations, sculpting and lengthening Pilates influenced movements as well as Dance, so you can get your groove on!

Samrat has dedicated his life to the study and practice of yoga, and he is renowned for his clear, precise, and methodical teaching style that incorporates the biomechanics of the body. With his extensive knowledge, inquisitive nature, and open-hearted approach, Samrat guides his students towards the integration of deeper consciousness. He paves the path for practitioners to nurture their physical and spiritual well-being, leading many of them to become successful yoga teachers around the world. In addition to teaching, Samrat conducts teacher trainings, workshops, yoga conferences, and retreats globally. His teachings prioritize a holistic practice that gives equal importance to each element of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Alignment and a steady connection to the breath are central to Samrat's approach, fostering a calm and clear mind along with conscious actions both on and off the yoga mat. His classes are accessible to individuals of all body types, ages, and interests.

GOOD Job Brother - Our vision is to inspire and engage audiences with our favorite art form - breakdance. Our mission is to encourage an active lifestyle, spark creativity, motivate people to develop a passion for artistic expression, and foster teamwork

Animal Flow Regional Leader of Hong Kong, RYT-200 yoga teacher, certified TRX, FX and RopeFlow instructor, Shin's passion is to bring wellness to the community through anything that is fun and effective.

Coming from a yoga family in Thailand with a background in science and education, Tee is a community leader with unique skill sets in Hong Kong. Beyond impressive asanas, he is known for his teaching style, energising practices and effective drills. Tee always aims to transfer useful skills and improve well-being through yoga and meditation. Best known for being the spin instructor at XYZ, Ed has broaden his practice to yoga and mobility. His ethos is all about creating balance and sustainability in the long run. After completing his inversion yoga training with Master Yogananth Andiappan and advanced training with Vinyasa specialist Patrick Beach, Ed's practice has evolved and matured. His daily practice is consistent and inspiring, aimed to create space, build strength and feel great!

Founder, Head Coach and Programme Director of FLAIR Gymnastics, with over 10 years of gymnastics and coaching experience. He is a current member of the Hong Kong China National Aerobic Gymnastics Team and graduated with honours in Bachelor of Science Education (Sports Science). Against this background, Trevor has combined his elite gymnast training experience and sports science theory and developed his own coaching philosophy: Theory based science, Coaching on a system™️ Trevor aspires to promote movement culture with gymnastics science-based training which aims to enhance mobility, sports performance and ultimately, quality of life.

Trixie Velez, owner of Defin8 Fitness, is one of the most well-versed and sought elite fitness professionals in Hong Kong with over 15 years being in her field. She is also an award-winning World Class Fitness Trainer, she has received awards as Hong Kong’s Best Instructor, Best Personal Trainer, Asia's Best Pilates Instructor and Women of Wellness, and she is also a trainer,influencer and ambassador of multiple brands. With more than 20 programs under her belt and creator of multiple exercise programs, Trixie will mold, transform and guide you into tip-top shape using her vast knowledge of how the body moves and works. That knowledge includes and is not limited to Dance, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Cardio, and Strength training. Her intensity level and enthusiasm will also invigorate and motivate you to challenge your limits- ideas are fresh and current, and taking her class will probably be the best you will ever experience.

Stay at the top of your game with proper cellular hydration! In this informative talk panel, renowned Osteopath Damien Mouellic will highlight the vital benefits of staying hydrated for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Discover how optimal hydration enhances physical performance, improves cognitive function, and supports all body systems. Learn about the consequences of dehydration, including reduced endurance, increased injury risk, and illnesses. Are you a coach? Find out why your athletes need a hydration plan. Damien and other experts will provide practical strategies for pre-activity, during-activity, and post-activity hydration. Don't let dehydration hold you back—hydrate smart!

Vili Fifita - Les Mills global ambassador Every day Vili Fifita motivates thousands of Instructors and home exercisers as a presenter on some of Les Mills’ most popular workout videos.

Hello, Im coach Walter as thepersonaltrainerhk (THEPTHK) ex-football player and certified personal trainer , senior fitness special, certified group fitness instructor and certified FluidX trainer. I'm 33 years old with an incredible passion for fitness and I believe that anyone can turn their life if he or she applies consistency ,discipline and self belief.

From the topic "Wellness Entrepreneurs - Our Journey Told," users can gain valuable insights into wellness entrepreneurship. They will learn about the personal experiences, challenges, and successes of entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. Everyone on the panel has a wellness business offering a range of services and products. This narrative journey can provide inspiration, knowledge, and motivation for those looking to start their wellness-focused businesses. It shows the dedication and determination required to thrive in this ever-evolving sector.

In this interactive segment, Lona Shui will delve into the many elements to achieving optimal performance in fitness. She will go into the details of how to assess your overall health, using fitness and medical assessment such as VO2 max / sub max / 1RM testing. These technology can help you track progress and set goals in a tactical and practical way. In order to reach optimal performance, a person's posture plays a huge part. A physiotherapist will also share on assessing for postural or structural imbalance issues that could easily lead to injuries. They will share more on prehab, injury prevention and maintenance to ensure you are working optimally, whatever your health goals may be.