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Alice Siu + Jodie Chan


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Alice Siu + Jodie Chan

Alice is a lululemon ambassador, a barre and yoga instructor and the co-founder of Barre Formula. Alice discovered barre workout is an effective way to tone the body and build strength that complements her yoga practice. She would love sharing this unique experience with others. Jodie fitness journey starts after having herniated disc, since recovery from physiotherapy treatment was long and painful, she start working out to improve the situation, that's when she fall in love with Barre. To Jodie, Barre workout is not just physical training but also a mindful journey, urging to inspire and empower women around her, she set forth to becoming an instructor. Along with her professional qualification as holistic aromatherapist, Bach Flower Remedies international registered practitioner (BFRP), Jodie able to join forces of improving physical and spiritual wellbeing, to help guiding us to find wholeness in our body, mind and soul. The passion of Jodie makes her an unstoppable force to encourage every women to feel confident and loved.

Sessions by Alice Siu + Jodie Chan

Nov 20

13:00 – 13:45