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Joey Ng


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Joey Ng

Joey is the founder of Yoga Along, a boutique yoga studio located in Sheung Wan since 2020, leading the team of 12 yoga instructors. She first discovered yoga in 2018 while yoga was just an off-work ‘keeping-fit’ hobby during stressful times. She found that yoga practice did not only help her to release tension, but also taught her to live in the moment and love herself and life. She has been hooked to yoga since then and decided to take her first yoga teacher training to learn more in the same year. Yoga has then become part of her life. She firmly believes that practicing yoga allows one to see how he/she lives his life and emphasises the union of mind, body and spirit; practicing yoga is also practicing balance, both physically and mentally. In her class, she focuses on helping students to adjust their bodies and find the alignments through asanas to life, improving both their strength and flexibility, as well as mindfulness. Her vision is to promote the equilibrium of life through yoga, sharing love and empowering people to inspire and to be inspired. She hopes to help people to find their true selves within through yoga, just like how she helped herself in the same way.

Sessions by Joey Ng

Nov 18

15:30 – 16:30