About The Speaker

Raymond Chan & Vincent Tang

Raymond: I came to Hong Kong in 2017 to rediscover my Chinese heritage as a British born Chinese. In that endeavour I began learning about our culture through traditional Chinese kung fu and tai chi, which can be both mindful and powerful systems of movement and proprioceptive training. Gradually as my health got better and my sense of balance grew, I branched out into dabbling with other cultural and movement arts like Capoeria, Yoga, Pilates, Animal Flow and even became a certified personal trainer. As a weekend warrior and office dude by day, permit me to share with you how I believe movement can be a medicine for the body, mind and spirit. // Vince: Vincent is an Animal Flow instructor that incorporates his aesthetic studies of music and dance into fitness practice. As performing artist and a competitive racket sport athlete, he has also led Animal Flow and Dance workshops at Soho House Hong Kong, and believe fitness is an art form that connects enthusiasts of all levels.

Sessions by Raymond Chan & Vincent Tang

May 13

18:00 – 19:00