About The Speaker

Rebecca Wong

Rebecca likes to play seriously. With a background in dance and yoga, Rebecca has always been passionate about movement and human connection. Always inclusive when in the classroom, she loves to share ways to connect through the power of movement and music. Rebecca’s yoga journey began in 2006 when she discovered yoga as an alternate movement to dance. To her, movement in yoga is a universally shared language that could be used for expression, connection, and self discovery. With her passion and love for music and dance, Rebecca often encourages her students to flow with music, and to have their breath and movement guided by rhythm and beat. She’s been teaching Inside Flow since 2019 and was the first to bring Inside Flow, a type of movement style that marries music, yoga, and dance to Hong Kong. During her off peak hours, Rebecca loves to make pies, hike mountains, and watch movies at home with her cats. She is a lululemon legacy ambassador and a lover of 90s R&B music.

Sessions by Rebecca Wong

Nov 26

17:00 – 18:00