Splits Method™

Splits Method™

Splits Method™ combines scientific training principles with gymnastic training methods to master splits/middle splits in the most effective and efficient way. Various stretching techniques will be covered in this course, such as dynamic stretching, ballistic stretching, static stretching, active stretching, passive stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) etc. Lower limb flexibility, strength, and motor control can be improved. It is suitable for yogis, dancers, and various types of sports instructors with high movement demands.

About The Instructor

Trevor Wu

Founder, Head Coach and Programme Director of FLAIR Gymnastics, with over 10 years of gymnastics and coaching experience. He is a current member of the Hong Kong China National Aerobic Gymnastics Team and graduated with honours in Bachelor of Science Education (Sports Science). Against this background, Trevor has combined his elite gymnast training experience and sports science theory and developed his own coaching philosophy: Theory based science, Coaching on a system™️ Trevor aspires to promote movement culture with gymnastics science-based training which aims to enhance mobility, sports performance and ultimately, quality of life.